How to Repair the LCD Screen on the Samsung S8 Plus

How to Repair the LCD Screen on the Samsung S8 Plus

Almost all Samsung S8 Plus repairs take less than two hours. Please make certain your Samsung S8 Plus is turned on, has a full charge, has a non-root access pass code and that you know the password. Can easily repair your Samsung. Even if you think it can’t be done, I have many cases where I could do it myself. Most people don’t have any clue how to do this so here’s how you do it.

You will need a screwdriver, a file, some rubbing alcohol, plus a small Philips screwdriver plus some tabbing pliers, these items can be found in any store selling electronics or may already be in your possession. In order to get the Samsung S8 plus lcd screen repaired you’ll also need some solder, putty, a soldering gun, a usb stick, the Samsung S8 plus repair guide, plus a pencil. This can be done at your leisure in your own home with as little as twenty minutes to do this repair. Here’s what the repair guide says to do:

First, this repair guide shows you how to remove the old chipping from the back of your Samsung S8 Plus LCD screen, the second step shows you how to place the new screen on your phone, and lastly, the third step shows you how to finish the repair by soldering the back together. If you’re wondering if it can be easily fixed or not, the answer is yes. Even though it’s not a common problem with these models, it can easily be fixed without any professional help. And with the proper tools, you can even do it yourself!

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